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I’m Prateek Joshi and this blog is about all things tech. I like to write about topics that I find interesting or things that are useful to people.

Albert Einstein once famously said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. My writing style is an attempt towards this. Thanks to the love and support of the readers, my blog has received 2.4M+ page views from 200+ countries and has 7,500+ followers.

Here are a few links that might be useful:
– Personal Website
– Author of 13 books on ML, including a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in its category.
– LinkedIn
– Twitter
– Github

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Prateek,

    I thank you for your blog and the thoughts and perspectives you have shared.

    This image contains more information (color / hue) than any other 2 dimensional graphic of this function, that I have seen before or since.

    Would you render and share larger scopes of this function which show the representation of the functions beyond the partially exposed symmetries at the top and bottom right of this image? If you render that image in a non-pixel-neighbor format (tiff .psd) then more information will be conserved (as it would not be simplified by the compression algorithm of the image type).

    A large (4,000 pixel or more) equi-rectangular image of this function in the format that you have expressed the relationships in this function does reveal so much about the beauty and geometry of this universe.

    wordsmithkeymaker at gmail . com

    Please continue to write and share your perspectives, visions and wonderful views of what it is that you see and understand, it is appreciated greatly!


  2. hi, I am starting a python blog at: pythonmembers.club and would like to have some pieces of advice from you. I just read your ai book from Packt and I must say that this is by far the best ai book ever written on ai with py! #mindblown

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