How To Build A Face Detector?

3D faceEver wondered if you can build a working face detector quickly? If you are in computer vision, you would have built a face detector one time or the other. If not, then you will be able to build one by the end of this post. This blog post is not about the concept or the algorithm behind real time face detection. We will only deal with building one. If you are not willing to get your hands dirty, then this post wouldn’t be very useful to you. Continue reading “How To Build A Face Detector?”

OpenCV On Mac: How To Get It Up And Running?

opencvOpenCV is a computer vision library used extensively by people in the computer vision field. Until a couple of years ago, OpenCV was a bit hacky and the usage was not very straightforward. But determined efforts by multiple companies finally standardized the process and now it is nice and clean. Computer vision algorithms are computationally intensive, requiring lot of processing power to run in real time. Before OpenCV came along, the efforts were very fragmented and repetitive, and there was no standard library as such. Hence Intel decided to do something about it and came up with OpenCV. The advantage of OpenCV is that the algorithms are highly optimized and the library is available on almost all the popular platforms. I have outlined the procedure below to get OpenCV up and running on your Mac.   Continue reading “OpenCV On Mac: How To Get It Up And Running?”