How To Use DiffMerge

mainTo people who don’t know what merge conflicts are, they are these magical things that make our life pleasant when we are coding in a group. Okay that was a joke! Too subtle? Anyway, when you are working in a team on a central code base, multiple people might end up modifying the same thing, which usually results in a conflict. Merge conflicts are bound to happen when you are working in parallel with a team of developers. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then you haven’t been coding long enough. Most of the version management tools try to manage this automatically. If people are working on different things that are independent of each other, then there will be no problems. But unfortunately, we are not in utopia. Here on earth, conflicts happen all the time.   Continue reading “How To Use DiffMerge”

Those Mysterious Linker Errors

linker errorIf you have been coding long enough, then the linker errors are probably the ones you ended up hating the most! Once you’ve finally designed the program logic, cleaned up all those frustrating syntax errors, and prepared yourself to see the output, you may still need to deal with linker errors. The linker errors are particularly frustrating because they are not necessarily related to anything you have written in your program. What exactly are these linker errors anyway? How do we fix them?   Continue reading “Those Mysterious Linker Errors”