Package OpenCV not found? Let’s Find It.

mainOpenCV has been refined over the years and installing it has become way more user-friendly now. If has been ported to many platforms and you don’t need an IDE to use it. There are many different ways in which you can install it and use it in your existing code. But sometimes, when people try to do different things with it, they run into problems. This post deals with one such problem. When you write code that uses OpenCV, you need to tell your compiler where it is. The reason for this is that this location will contains all the libraries and binaries necessary for the header files to work in your code. If you don’t specify this, you will encounter the following error:   Continue reading “Package OpenCV not found? Let’s Find It.”

Those Mysterious Linker Errors

linker errorIf you have been coding long enough, then the linker errors are probably the ones you ended up hating the most! Once you’ve finally designed the program logic, cleaned up all those frustrating syntax errors, and prepared yourself to see the output, you may still need to deal with linker errors. The linker errors are particularly frustrating because they are not necessarily related to anything you have written in your program. What exactly are these linker errors anyway? How do we fix them?   Continue reading “Those Mysterious Linker Errors”