Can We Measure A Computer’s Intelligence?

computers learning to be humansPeople talk about artificial intelligence all the time. Artificial intelligence is the branch of study which deals with putting intelligence into the machines so that they can do things by themselves. But how do we know if they are getting intelligent? For us humans, we have designed various kinds of IQ tests to measure our intelligence. Is there anything for machines as well? I am not talking about the robustness of an algorithm or the accuracy with which a computer can finish a certain task, I am talking about the actual intelligence. Is it possible to measure it?   Continue reading “Can We Measure A Computer’s Intelligence?”

Quantum Computer

We are always hungry for more processing power. Whenever we buy computers, we always look for the ones with higher configuration. The computer manufacturers thrive to give us more speed and processing power at lower costs so that they can differentiate themselves from their competitors. With the emergence of so many technologies, our need for processing power is increasing by the day. Moore’s law states that the number of transistors on a microprocessor will double every 18 months. This law has been more or less true up until now but it is getting saturated. So we need to look into a different direction if we want to keep up. Quantum computers can perform calculations significantly faster than silicon-based computer. So what are quantum computers? How can they perform calculations so quickly?   Continue reading “Quantum Computer”