Understanding Python “Property”

1 mainI was tinkering with Python the other day when I encountered the “property” keyword. I had seen it many times before and I sort of knew what it does, but I never really had a chance to dig deep into it. As it turns out, “property” in Python is very useful when you are designing large systems. People who come from the world of object oriented programming will appreciate it right away. It’s a nifty little concept which makes the life of a programmer much simpler. So what is it all about? Before we jump directly into what it is, let’s get some perspective as to why we would need it in the first place.   Continue reading “Understanding Python “Property””

Exploring The Lesser Known Features Of Python – Part II

As it is evident from the title, this is the second part in the Python exploration series. You can find the first part here. I have discussed a few lesser known but very useful features of Python. There were too many features, so I didn’t put everything in a single blog post. I will continue discussing more features in this post. I will keep adding more as and when I discover more things about Python.   Continue reading “Exploring The Lesser Known Features Of Python – Part II”