Adding Hacker News Button To Your WordPress Blog

hacker-newsEvery blogger writing about technology or any related field knows how important Hacker News is for promoting good articles. If your article reaches the front page there, it will have a stronger effect as compared to more general sharing sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon. Hacker News junta is more tech-oriented, and so their opinion would be more valuable. If you have hosted your blog on, you know that it provides very nice features for sharing on different sites. Unfortunately, Hacker News sharing is not supported by Luckily, we have an option to add custom sharing button, that makes it really easy to create a custom button yourself. Here’s how you do it:  

  1. In your dashboard, Go to Settings -> Sharing
  2. Click “Add a new service” under “Available services”, a popup will show up
  3. Put “Hacker News” under service name
  4. Put “” under Sharing URL
  5. Put “” under Icon URL, and hit “create share button”
  6. Drag the newly created “available service” button to Enabled Services

And we’re done! You now have a new Hacker News sharing button under every blog post. Keep calm and blog away to glory!


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